Our Advisory is focused on Startups Early Stage  and  Growth  who want to Scale.



Consulting Areas for Early Stage Startups

  • Finding & Selling Investors
  • Putting Together a Smart Business Plan
  • Preparing  Your Presentation & Investor Deck
  • Proving  a Product-Market Fit to Investors
  • Creating a Fundable Business Model
  • Budgeting, Forecasts and Governance
  • Growth Hacking and Gaining Traction
  • Launching and Scaling Your Business
  • Valuations, Discounts, Term Sheets & Debt
  • Marketing & Customer Acquisition
  • Workshops (one-on-one personal sessions)
  • Perfecting Your Pitch

Consulting Areas for Growth Stage Startups

We focus on Organisation ,Team Building ,Alliance’s and Deal Structuring ,Streamlining business operations.Improving ROI and productivity in Sales and Operations ,Capital Raising to fund hyper growth and create a dashboard and metrics to track progress


Some of Our Startups


Your One Stop Event Solution .The Kayak of Party and Event Booking .Its a transaction engine that gets you instant quotes ,comparisons and customisation across four Key Event Players Venue ,Catering ,Decoration and Entertainers .No Negotiation ,Just Search,Select and Book .Build a Party and Event in 10 minutes .Then sit back and relax while the customer support team goes on overdrive to deliver your event.


Homestay and experience travel marketplace


Travel storytellers and discovery platform

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