Product and Technology Management

We have a dedicated development centre in Mohali Chandigarh thats offers Product and Technology Services to Startup and Enterprises

When do you need Product  services?

Though there are no fixed set of circumstances which can tell if you need our services or not. However, there few symptoms that could help you discover if you need our services or not. If you notice them inside your company or with your product, you should contact us.

  1. No time for the internal team to work on a new product or new features. Typically, if you notice that no significant new features are launched in last six months, then you investigate within your team. You might have to rearrange priorities or get some external help to get the focus back on product innovation.
  2. No in-house product owner to take care of the product. You might be taking care of your product or there is a project manager who takes care of the product. But you feel there is no responsible for the success or failure of the product. And, most important is that product is growing and it needs a dedicated experienced manager to take care of the product. So, you could end up with two options – One, is to hire a permanent in-house product manager or hire an external firm like ours who can provide you the support while you build your team.
  3. Your product is not performing in-spite of the best efforts of your team. This is the clear case of asking for an external help.
  4. You need someone to manage outsourced product development. Typically, your team may not have time or bandwidth to deal with freelancers or external development team. As a result, you could end in losing the money because the product developed if of inferior quality synthroid médicament. So, you’ll need someone to take care of product quality and make sure that features are developed according to the specs. May be should try our services and see what difference we can make.

Technology  for Enterprise Mobile,SAAS and Workflow

Enterprise SAAS We build enterprise grade mobile applications and integrate them with Network Telephony .We also also create customised applications for customer retention and promotion to subscribed base .If you are looking for SAAS  and work flow system creation credentials in the services,retail and foods sectors,we are the team to contact .

Our Brand of Agile Engineering, Project management and Tracking methodologies ensures a Fixed time and Cost delivery .Our average time deviation on a project has been +/- 6%  and we are now working towards to a 3% level

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