Very often you hear this theme for a startup. Execute, Execute, Execute

But execute what? The easiest answer copy a model successful in another geography. All successful Indian startups are like this. Me too companies, to begin with.  Flipkart, Ola, etc. Very difficult to convince investors for large investments behind ideas without proven scale and traction.

Now our consulting is for those who do not know a) What to execute or copy b) How to execute it better c) Survive competition direct and indirect and scale.

I have 30 years of corporate experience behind me, with 15 years as CXO and CEO. My main work has been with Corporate start-up projects, and I have done three successful internet companies with a 5x return for their investors.

Still, I have gone like a neophyte to learn how to startup to Founders Space ( A top Silicon Valley accelerator and incubator) and very recently to ICSquare, The University of Texas Austin incubator. Only because learning never stops. I learn as much from the kids I consult pro bono as they from me. However, the most important reason is that Startups are the most competitive things you can ever do in your professional life.To teach or fight, you have to be on top of the learning innovation curve.

60% of Americans want to run their own business. In India, besides the Marwari, Sindhi, Kutchi, Bania and Gujarati families, all want a safe job, preferably government. I hear of masters degree holders doing government sweeper jobs, even though an extreme case, it makes the point.

Times they are a changing

Now with Startup India and incubators, a fresh graduate can pick up ten lacs for a startup idea, if he is smart, well rounded, connected with a pedigree college.  His other alternate is a going to a nowhere job for 1,5 lacs to 3 lacs. But the unfortunate fact is that 80% are not smart, well rounded, etc. and stay unemployable and can never get strong enough to get a business off the ground. So come to us, if you have a strong idea and the will to take the entrepreneurial leap

1.5 Million Engineering graduates every year

We consult for these 1.5 Graduates. If you have a strong idea and want to discuss it and give it shape. Talk to us. We will prepare you to pitch for grants, professional incubators, accelerators or go direct to pre series A or A.

Our credentials – Incubated by UT square, the parent of ATI – Austin Technology Incubator. Rated in the top 7 in the USA


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ic2 icsquare university of texas Arvindra Kanwal Bindass Party innovation readiness certificate


We were the December 2014 cohort. Read about our experience here. Rated as the Top 10 Incubators in Silicon Valley

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