Let’s look at how a bold upstart is challenging an industry behe­moth in this way. For years, Microsoft Outlook has been the king of business email. And for what seems like just as long, young tech companies have come to the table announcing how they have the next big application that will finally be the death of email. Yet email thrives.

While attempts at email replacement have come and gone, Slack has come to the table with something different. Instead of trying to replace email—which isn’t what customers are asking for—Slack has focused on identifying what customers want more of and what they want less of, ultimately creating an offering that strikes a balance. Slack is one of the fastest-growing new business applications. It’s an office messaging app that works with email rather than trying to replace it outright.

Slack focuses on making internal communication easier. It offers a fast, informal way to talk to coworkers, but it retains the archiving abilities of traditional email, even improving on the ability to search old messages. Email continues to be used, especially for external com­munications, but Slack helps reduce the volume of messages in your inbox, while simultaneously reducing the need for time-consuming face-to-face meetings. In part, this is because the app lets users search and access shared files on their own, without having to question other team members. When questions are necessary, workers can provide quick answers and status updates in a side window, reducing clutter in their inboxes. As the number of Slack users has grown to over a million, teams using the app have praised its ability to improve effi­ciency. By understanding where to cut and where to add, Slack has reached a $3.8 billion valuation in just over two years.

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Seemingly minor variables can actually be quite important in achieving brand innovation success.

Source: New Measures Of Brand Innovation Success | Branding Strategy Insider

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