Thumbs down is the verdict that is coming in.Is the AAP Verdict in Delhi and poor showing in J & K telling us something ?

May 14th marks the first anniversary of  Modi’s Government so far ? He seems to be aware of his failures and is moving rapidly to rebrand  himself as a friend of the poor.See this article by Jaganathan First Post . He is moving away from his business friendly and government that works image .In the process he will disappoint many who looked for reforms and good economic governance and not go far enough on the poor friendly initiatives to make a significant impact.

Arun Shourie a minister in the Last BJP Government whose  views can be read as politically neutral are captured here to help our assessment.This is based on a TV Interview given by him to Headlines Today a TV Channel

  • On foreign policy he gave “very high marks for focus and energy”, but was concerned about a lack of real effects.
  • On the economy he said the government was “directionless”and a “great disappointment”.
  • Expressed  “great anxiety” about social relations and “anxiety bordering on apprehension” on institutions.

Whats going wrong for Modi ,despite all the personal effort and energy he puts in ? John Eliot of the Independent foreign desk seems to have an insight ,”He seems to frighten more than inspire which, reports suggest, makes many ministers and bureaucrats reluctant to take decisions – a development accentuated by the centralisation of decision making in the prime minister’s office (PMO), and by Modi bypassing many ministers to deal direct with top bureaucrats.”

Other area of concern and long term damage for the country is the legislation that the current government is shaping.

I am reproducing some extracts from an article in Business Standard.For more you can just  click  A year of Modi Sarkar .The ones below are the particularly reprehensible ones

  • The government has made a U-turn from its previous dissenting stand on bringing political parties under the ambit of the Right to Information Act — one of the shining legacies of the ill-starred United Progressive Alliance-II — and now intends to exempt them after all.Activists say that it has more or less ceased to respond to RTI requests, which constitute one of the most empowering tools available to the ordinary citizen.
  • Other Bills inherited from the UPA are being reshaped, including the land acquisition Bill, from which the Bharatiya Janata Party wishes to withdraw the consent clause.

Modi’s Marksheet

  • Good on Economy .Growth forecast at 7.5% ahead of China. Inflation managed and fiscal deficit eased ,largely because of lower international oil prices.All these gains look like they are going away with unseasonal rains and drought in various parts of India.
  • Poor on bureaucracy reform .Performing way below potential with another power troika of Amit Shah to deal with through whom Modi centralises decision making .Modi is seen to be too busy on foreign policy than running the country .He needs to be more hands on ,if centralisation is to work
  • Socially he has made the minorities uncomfortable with legislation and political bias


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