What are UTM Parameters?

UTM – Urchin Traffic Monitor – Parameters are simple snippets of code that are added to the end of a URL to help you track information about where someone came from – the referring domain – and what they clicked on to bring them here.

The resulting effect is that information is stored inside Google Analytics, allowing you to easily track your off-site to on-site marketing efforts through to conversion.

UTM Parameters, Google URL builder

Google has made it easier than ever now to do this. Follow this link

Three main UTM Parameters to use

There are 5 , but the three main ones are

Source: This is the place people are coming from. Use this to represent where you will be posting the link. Always use a lowercase version of the domain. Examples: “growthhackers” “inbound” “facebook”.

Medium: This is the type of post you are sharing, such as “post” as a generic answer, or “blog-comment” if you are putting this in the comments of someone elses blog, or “quora-answer” if you answered a Quora question.

Campaign: This is the large scale effort, or reason, you are creating a link. Examples might include “summer-promotion” or “meetup-group” or “sean-connery” (if you just happen to have a promotion with Sir Sean Connery running).

Here is what the google dashboard looks like. It automatically creates the URL with a shortner


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